Basic of Construction and Benefits of Construction Industries in India

Designing and building infrastructure or a facility is a process of construction. It is reported that the construction industry has contributed about six to ten percentage gross domestic product of various developed countries. Planning, designing and financing are some of the essential components of construction and continue until the construction project is construction and ready for use.

Human multitasking feats if huge scale construction. For the purpose of managing the construction job, builders or contractors hire project managers. Besides this, the builders also hired construction manager and design engineer. The construction is effectively supervised by a team of qualified construction engineer or project architect.

One of the major essential elements of successful execution of a project of construction is systematic planning. Some of the factors that are considered while planning the projects are their environmental impact of the projects. Besides this, scheduling, budgeting, and construction site safety are other factors that should be considered while planning a project. In addition to this, the availability and transportation of building materials should also be considered while planning a project.

Logistic should also be considered while planning any construction. The impact of construction delays and bidding that caused by inconvenience to public, are also considered for the purpose of planning a construction project. Building and residential construction are different types of construction.  By process of adding structure to real property, the building construction is used. In addition to this, adding precise structure to the construction of buildings is important and essential element of construction industry. Develop floor plans comes under the residential construction industry.

For construction of sidewalks, road surfaces, patios, and courtyards, different types of pavement constructed from paver blocks are used in construction industry. Different types of paver block manufactured from the well-known Paver Block Machine. Owing to its large production capacity of the paver block machinery, the builders or contractors can manufacture bulk assignments of paver blocks at the site of construction.

Construction industry in India has contributed about 6708 billion dollars to the national GDP in 2011-12. It is reported that 35 million peoples got job from construction industry in India through indirect and direct jobs in the year 2011. The construction industry is fragmented with medium-sized companies. In addition to this, the construction industry consists of small and medium contractors who work on the basis and carry out the construction work in the field.  It is reported that 500 construction equipment manufacturing companies, set up and maintained in the year 2011. Owing to its labor –intensive industry, the construction industry has created a lot of jobs in India.

Different types of brick are used in different types of construction industry. The builders can avail different types of bricks in various sizes and dimensions, as per their needs and requirements. For production of uniform size brick with durability, the builders can purchase or even rent different types of high quality Brick Making Machine.