Issues before brick industry and brick making machines in India

The brick industry forms the backbone of the construction industry. The unorganized sector, the brick sector, is very large and wide in India. The brick production of India is second largest in the world after china. The sector is increasing because of growing demand of bricks from construction and housing industry. To cater to this huge demand, it is estimated that 150,000 units are employing more than 8 million workers.

The major challenge before the brick industry is that it is highly polluting industry. The main reason for this is the obsolete technologies used in the brick making. Most of the places, where bricks are made experience heavy local pollution. The carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide cause pollution of the air. The bottom ash left behind as residual from burning coal is the other issue. The respiratory problems and damage caused to nearby agriculture land is the major cause of worry to agriculturist.

Brick industry has to compete for resources which are also used in other industries. The coal is used on steel and also in brick industry. The brick industry used 24 million tonnes of coal annually, which is the third largest user after power and steel. The top layer of soil is taken for bricks. That destruction of top layer of soil creates problem for agriculture.  The kiln itself takes lot of space and makes land unfit for agriculture.

Since brick making is labor intensive industry, large number of poor people are involved in brick making industry at low remunerations in poor working conditions. Another issue that is related with the nature of brick industry is that it is seasonal work that lasts only 6- 7 months.

Now with the use of brick making machines, the situation as far as pollution is concern may improve a bit.  An affordable clay brick making machine with mixer can mix up to 600 kg of material. Bricks Making Machine .Bricks come from this machine without any defect in the shape at constant speed. The machine can make up to 52 clay bricks in one minute. This machine is especially for stamped clay machines.

The fly ash brick making machines is a single platform machine. It can produces around 10,000 bricks in 8 hours. Thus reducing the amount of labor and time involved considerably. The machine is made with advanced technology and materials .the mixing gear capacity of the machine is 500 kg.

Another fly ash brick making machine called 2 bricks fly ash brick making machine is very easy to maintain and occupies small space. Fly Ash Brick Machine  It can produce around 2500 bricks or blocks in 8 hours. Its concrete mixing capacity is 50 kg. It contains four blades with widening space. It is dual purpose machine as both bricks and blocks are caste on the same machine. But the removal of the brick is manual process.


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