Fly Ash Bricks: an Eco-Friendly Construction Product

It was reported that the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has produced more than fifty crores of fly ash bricks in various thermal power stations and used in various construction applications. For sustaining environment, the use of fly ash brick has significantly increased as compared with red clay bricks in last few decades.

The use of mortar is quite less in fly ash bricks as compared as traditional red clay bricks due to their uniform shape and size. Due to the less plastic thickness required as compared to red clay bricks, the use of fly ash bricks saves a lot of saves of cement mortar in various construction applications. Apart from this, the fly ash bricks are extremely environmentally friendly as the fly ash is used for manufacturing of the fly ash bricks.

The fly ash is a by-product of thermal power stations. Since, the fly ash bricks don’t need clay from the soil, it saves the agriculture land. Less energy consumption for manufacturing of fly ash brick, hence it saves a lot of conventional energy that were used for manufacturing of red clay soil. The cost of transportation of bricks can be saved as the fly ash bricks can be effectively manufactured at the site of construction.

 Manufacturing of fly ash brick can be effectively done through the hydraulic or vibratory press by using advanced and ultra-modern Fly Ash Brick Machine .Instead of hydrated lime and gypsum, the ordinary Portland cement can be used in the manufacturing of high quality fly ash bricks.

No breakage of fly ash bricks was reported while transportation or use, due to their high strength. The fly ash bricks are known for their lower water penetration, which ensures minimum seepage of water through the fly ash bricks. Apart from having advances over the red clay bricks, the fly ash bricks are known for their low mechanical strength. For increasing the mechanical strength, the contractors or builders can add marble waste. In addition to this, the contractors can add mortar betweens the blocks for increasing the mechanical strength of fly ash bricks significantly. Large sizes of fly ash bricks cannot be produced due to the limitation of size. The large fly ash bricks are prone to breakage.

The fly ash bricks manufactured by using latest technology Fly Ash Brick Making Machine are known for their high fire insulation. It was reported that the greater Noida development authority had made use of NTPC generated fly ash bricks in the manufacturing of its office buildings. Apart from this, the cafeteria   and management school building of Indian Institute of technology was built by using fly ash bricks. In cities like Pune and Vishakhapatnam, the fly ash bricks are used in the construction of private apartments and industrial buildings.  At Greater Noida, the NTPC’ NETRA office buildings are constructed by using fly ash bricks that were manufactured by NTPC.


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