The Demands of Fly Ash Bricks Has Increased Manifold in India in Last 20 Years

The fly ash brick is highly demanded in various developed countries for different construction applications but use of concrete/fly ash brick was very limited in different developing countries like India. Some of the major reason for the unpopularity of fly ash/concrete bricks in India was lack of proper fly ash brick manufacturing machines.

The situation of fly ash bricks has changed a lot for last 2 decades in India. Less manual manpower consumption, reasonable cost of production and less environment impact are some of the factors of fly ash brick machines manufactured in India for recent 10-15 years. Due to this recent development, the demands of fly ash bricks has increased manifold in many constructional applications or purposes.

Practically no breakage of fly ash bricks takes place during transportation processes, owing to their optimum strength of fly ash brick. Their high fire insulation capacity, make fly ash bricks ideal of construction of various industrial establishments. The demands of fly ash bricks have increased due to the numerous advantages the fly ash bricks have over traditional bricks.

It was reported by less than 60% of cement and mortar is required for the purpose of joints and plaster, owing to the uniform sizes of fly ash bricks. In addition to this, the amount of seepage of water through the fly ash bricks is reduced considerably, owing to the lower water penetration capacity of fly ash bricks.

Without coating of lime plaster, the gypsum plaster can be applied on the fly ash brick machine. No needs of soaking the fly ash bricks in water for more than twenty hours, only little sprinkling of water is more than enough before use in various construction purposes.

Apart from having several advantages over traditional bricks, the fly ash bricks too had certain disadvantages. The mechanical strength of fly ash bricks is too weak, which can be easily rectified by using high quality of motor or marble wastes in between the blocks.

One of the other disadvantages of using fly ash brick is that it has limitation of sizes as only moderate size of brick can only be made. The larger sizes of fly ash bricks are liable to more predictable breakages.

For standardized construction of different types of fly ash bricks, the builders or other individuals can purchase Fly Ash Brick Machine  from authenticated manufacturers and suppliers. The fly ash brick machines are appreciated among their buyers/clients for their rich attributes such as less power consumption, compact design and enhanced functional life.

The demands of traditional Bricks Making Machine has reduced in urban cities in India for last 2 decades due to large demands of fly ash brick as compared due to traditional bricks. The demands of fly ash bricks has increased among builders and property developers of apartments, shopping malls, industries, bridges and other establishments.


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